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Artificial intelligence three-year action plan released face recognition rate will over 90% in 2020

Time:2018-01-18 Views:178
December 14 According to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information 14th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the "Action Plan for the Promotion of Three-year Plan for the Development of a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Industry (2018-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan") and the promotion of artificial Deep integration of intelligence and manufacturing. According to the "Action Plan", by 2020, a smart, safe and real-time intelligent network car intelligent platform will be established to support highly autonomous driving; the effective detection rate of face recognition under complex dynamic scenarios exceeds 97%, and the correct identification Rate of more than 90%; intelligent consumer-level UAV automatic intelligence forced to avoid the air traffic control area.
In accordance with the principle of "system layout, key breakthroughs, coordinated innovation and openness and orderliness", the "Action Plan" has proposed four major tasks:
First, focus on nurturing and developing intelligent products such as smart car, intelligent service robot, intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle, medical imaging aided diagnosis system, video image identification system, intelligent voice interactive system, intelligent translation system, smart home product, etc. Intelligent products in the economic and social integration.
The Action Plan sets forth the phased goals for the above intelligent products up to 2020: to establish a smart, intelligent and timely intelligent network car intelligent platform to form a platform-related standard to support highly autonomous driving (HA level); Intelligent consumer-level UAV precision of three-axis mechanical stability Yuntai reached 0.005 degrees, to achieve 360-degree omnidirectional perception of obstacles to achieve automatic intelligence to force avoidance of air traffic control region; to achieve the average Chinese speech recognition under multi-scene accuracy of 96% 5 meters far field recognition rate of over 92%, the user intertext recognition accuracy rate of more than 90%; advanced multi-modal medical imaging diagnostic system for brain, lung, eye, bone, cardiovascular, breast and other typical diseases seized The rate of false positives is less than 1% and the false positive rate is less than 5%. The effective detection rate of face recognition in complex dynamic scenarios exceeds 97% and the correct recognition rate exceeds 90%. It supports face features in different regions Identification; smart home product category significantly rich, smart TV market penetration rate reached 90%, a significant increase in the level of intelligent security products.
The second is to focus on the development of intelligent sensors, neural network chips, open source open platform and other key areas, tamping the development of artificial intelligence industry hardware and software foundation.
Third, to deepen the development of intelligent manufacturing, to encourage the exploration and application of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology in all aspects of the industrial field, to enhance the innovation capability of intelligent manufacturing of key technology and equipment, and to foster the promotion of a new mode of intelligent manufacturing.
The fourth is to build a public support system for industry training resources, standard testing and intellectual property service platform, intelligent network infrastructure, network security and other industries, and improve the environment for the development of artificial intelligence.
The Plan of Action will make full use of the available resources and measures to strengthen the linkage between ministries and provinces and rely on the construction of a national demonstration base for new industrialized industries to support qualified areas to exert their own resource advantages and foster a group of leading enterprises in artificial intelligence and explore the construction of artificial Intelligent industrial agglomeration area. We will promote the establishment of manufacturing innovation centers in the relevant fields, set up key laboratories, encourage industries to open up data rationally, and support more key industries and key areas to increase their application so as to promote the breakthrough in the development of the artificial intelligence industry. Strive to 2020, to achieve "the scale of the development of key artificial intelligence products, artificial intelligence, the overall core of the fundamental ability to significantly enhance the deepening of intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence industry support system basically established," the goal.
In order to ensure the implementation of all key tasks, the Action Plan also proposes five safeguard measures, including strengthening the organization and implementation, increasing support, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, accelerating the training of qualified personnel and optimizing the development environment, so as to promote the formation of a sound environment for development , Guarantee the smooth implementation of the "Action Plan", effectively promote the development of the artificial intelligence industry and help the real economy to undergo transformation and upgrading.
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