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Security monitoring industry has grown rapidly SVAC GB has hundreds of cities

Time:2018-01-18 Views:187

At today‘s Beijing Summit on SVAC Alliance 2017 for Public Safety, the Blue Book on Public Sector Standards for Public Safety SVAC was released. Blue Book pointed out that "smart security" is based on the wisdom of multiple perceptions, the relationship between space and time as a link to big data and smart applications as the core, to public safety SVAC national standard system as a guarantee, the integration of the actual field of public safety subsystem, To create a complete space-time, three-dimensional, diversified, intelligent information collection, big data processing, video applications and security of a complete system of security. It will enhance the overall perception, analysis, control and emergency response capabilities in the areas of public safety such as Safe City, Intelligent Transportation, Intelligent Building, Smart City, Ecological Construction and Protection, and overall enhancement of the comprehensive management of society.
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