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Security industry to promote the rapid development of artificial intelligence

Time:2018-01-18 Views:223
The introduction of new technologies for the security industry to bring development momentum, AI as the hottest this year, the theme of Anbo will seem to have become the future direction of the new security development.
2017 is nearing completion. The smoke-ridden market competition will come to a close. Recalling this year‘s security market, new technologies, new markets, new businesses and new entrants, it will become the biggest feature of the security industry. As the hottest new technology in the world, AI has become a global technology trend. Especially after China released "a new generation of artificial intelligence development plan", AI further confirmed the development direction of artificial intelligence. As the most effective artificial intelligence technology, the most direct and most economic benefits of the industry, the security industry to promote artificial intelligence quickly from the concept to the ground, and shine in this security Expo.
AI brings a lot of participants
Applications such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing broaden the boundaries of the security industry. Traditional security companies are constantly enriching their businesses and will inevitably bring participants from many other industries. In this security Expo site, intelligent computing companies, ICT giant technology has also become an important role in security Expo. The advent of those who take advantages of technology or chip or algorithm has led some traditional security vendors to be disadvantaged in competition and bring new technical and new thinking to the development of the entire industry on the one hand.
With the increasing security business, security vendors deepen their emphasis on users, how to apply new technologies to solve the business needs of customers become the focus of security vendors. Security companies have put forward based on artificial intelligence and cloud architecture to solve the problems of all walks of life, Safer also stressed the actual combat, artificial intelligence to drive the future transformation of the main line, a comprehensive interpretation of the "full calculation - all intelligence - all perception - all Ecological "AI strategy to promote the industry restructuring, to solve the practical problems of users.
Technology convergence to promote industry integration
With the video surveillance from standard definition to HD network development, the security industry needs more than just video technology, with the video technology, IT technology, CT technology gradually into the integration of the three, cross-industry cooperation between the frequent, Security companies continue to chip companies, storage companies, algorithms companies to cooperate, the convergence of the industry trend continues to grow.
Market demand for security enterprises across
When the security market boundaries gradually become blurred, there are constantly non-security industry enterprises to enter the same time, security companies are constantly going out, the video as the core technology in addition to security and security other than the field, not only can solve a lot Business problems, but also create more commercial value, security companies have also become an inevitable trend out of security.
The future is still part of AI
The grinding and landing of technology need a long period of test. From the security industry put forward "AI + security" to the real products and solutions for just a year, but have to admit that the current artificial intelligence can not really achieve business value , Greatly reducing the accuracy in the actual scene, so the future of the technology trend is still artificial intelligence to further enhance and expand.
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