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Robot Wireless WiFi Camera Protect Your Home

Time:2018-01-18 Views:4024
SAFER , the leading supplier of CCTV Cameras with over 15-year experience, has introduced its first home use wireless IP Camera series.
This series varies from 1MP-2MP models (SF-YTGK66C-A4/SF-YTGY66C-T2). All of them adopt high cost-effective sensors with more economical price. So we can share this excellent user experience to more people.
Now we can see similar cameras everywhere in the market, how does Safer’s home use camera get outstanding from them?
1.The very unique housing design
Safer’s product team spent nearly a whole month to customize such a new housing only for Safer. Except more delicate appearance than common models in the market, invisible IR is another bright spot.
2.Outstanding functions
Alarm Botton
From the above picture we can see there is an alarm bottom in the body. If your children met something emergent at home alone, just press the bottom and the user will receive the alarm notice. Then they can get help in time.
Dual way voice
With this function users can communicate with each other lively just like sending online audio message. So all the users can accompany their lovers, children or parents through another way.
This series camera is really practical in many aspects like monitoring house safety, small shop safety.
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