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2017 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference theme forum successfully held

Time:2018-01-18 Views:185
On December 7, 2017, the 2017 World Smart Manufacturing Conference, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Association for Science and Technology and the Jiangsu Provincial Government, was held in Nanjing on the theme of "Poly • Innovation • Innovation".
Zhou Ji, dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a keynote speech on the topic of "Research on China‘s Intelligent Manufacturing Development Strategy" and explained the basic paradigm of enterprises in advancing the intelligent manufacturing process. He emphasized that at this stage, it is necessary to consolidate the foundation of digital transformation and the technical principle of a new generation of intelligent manufacturing technology: People + information + physical system (HCPS), and the way of system integration. He pointed out: The in-depth integration of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology and advanced manufacturing technology has formed a new generation of intelligent manufacturing technology and has become the core driving force of the new round of industrial revolution. The next 20 years, China‘s overall smart manufacturing development will be divided into two phases to achieve the first stage is to achieve digital 2025, networked manufacturing penetration and in-depth national application, the second phase is to 2035 a new generation of intelligent manufacturing In the manufacturing industry to achieve large-scale promotion and application.
Kevin Ashton, founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology‘s Automatic Identification Center, presented the vision for the IoT, and George Westman, chief scientist for digital economics at MIT Sloan School of Management, published "Digital Transformation and Management Reconstruction" Keynote speech
    At the beginning of the afternoon, the high-end dialogues on the theme of "convergence, innovation and transformation" were initiated by Zheng Bowen, an executive partner of Gartner. The guests attended the dialogue include Academician Li Beigen, Chairman of China Mechanical Engineering Society, Royal Institute of Sweden, vice president of Bai Ruinan, American Society of Mechanical Engineers Saad Jhammir, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, vice president of Tsinghua University, You Zheng, honorary chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation Committee of Experts Zhu Sendi, Phoenix (China) limited investment Jian-Dang, president of the Company, Chu Jian, founder of Zhongkang Science and Technology Group, director of Science and Technology Department of German Academy of Engineering, and Chairman of Artificial Intelligence Platform Johannes Winter, made speeches respectively on domestic and foreign experiences and achievements of intelligent manufacturing, Come to influence, as well as force point and college personnel training and other issues launched in-depth exchanges.
After the end of the high-level dialogue, the theme of "Manufacturing Intelligence Transformation and Assisting in the Practice and Thinking of Made in China 2025" was put on stage immediately, giving a total of 10 keynote speeches. Chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group Xunyi You, President of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Lu Chuan, Senior Vice President of Siemens Industry Software, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Greater China Leo Liang, Vice President of Haier Home Appliance Industry Group Chen Zhaocheng, Germany Roland Bent, CTO & Senior Executive Vice President, Phoenix Contact Philippe Bartissol, Vice President, Worldwide Systems Industry, Dassault Systèmes, and Liu Qianjin, CTO, ABB China, Mitsubishi Tomizawa Katsuyuki, Executive Vice President of China Motor Corporation, Chris Porthouse, Vice President of Arm and General Manager of Equipment Services, and Wei Chen, R & D Director and Chief Technology Officer of ROCKWELL The brilliant theme of the speech, together with the guests to share in the field of intelligent manufacturing cutting-edge technology and application cases.
After the theme conference, there will be nearly 13 sub-forums on manufacturing, digital technology forums, manufacturing industry + industrial internet forums and manufacturing industry + big data analysis sessions for guests to participate in the study and exchange and discussion on December 8 respectively.
This conference brings together many high-profile professionals in the global smart manufacturing field to promote the world‘s smart manufacturing technology development through a series of keynote speeches, dialogues and exhibitions to promote the in-depth integration of the latest achievements in politics, industry, academia, research and research in various fields in the world , Ideological exchange and industrial improvement, and created a high-end dialogue platform in the field of intelligent manufacturing in the world, and achieved fruitful results, leaving a solid footprints in the history of intelligent manufacturing。
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