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Q:Which is the mobile app
For Android App, you can download from "NVR/IPC Client Software" column in Download Center.
For iPhone App, you should search "sficame" in App store.

Both of them are free!
Q:I forget password both in DVR and Client software. Can you tell me how to do? My DVR model: SF-D8204AV my e-mail:
Pls try the two super password: 101101 or 020818
Q:Network unstable
1、Network unstable
2、IP address conflict IP
3、MAC address conflict 
Q:Motion detection do not work
1、Incorrect time frame setting
2、Didn't open this function in front-end
3、Sensitivity set too low
Q:Wrong Time display
Didn't make the time synchronization setting
Q:No voice during monitoring
1、Not passive pickups
2、Audio setting is ''OFF''
3、Not active speaker
4、''Audio'' option did not open  
Q:Can not search the video from local playback
1、Update the different procedure with old system before. 
2、The needed video has been covered.
3、Record do not open.
Q:Camera will restart when it works after while and system halted sometimes。
1、Supply voltage unstable or too low.
2、Switch power supply too low.
Q:Camera unable show image
1、Check whether use right power and the power supply is normal or not.
2、Check whether connect the network and can search the IP cameras or not.
3、Check whether the camera use same network segment with computer.
4、Check whether install the needed plug-in for IE properly or not
5、Check whether the setting of computer security level is properly or not
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