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SF-SN619QIR-C1Overview:1.0MP, Manual zoom 2.8mm~12mm, 30pcs φ5 IR Led with IR 25m, ONVIF.
SF-SN61AZ-D1Overview:1.4MP, HD 3.6mm/CS, 1pc IR Array with IR 20m, ONVIF.
SF-SN61B-D1-MFOverview:1.4MP, Manual zoom 2.8mm~12mm, 36pcs φ5 IR Led with IR 30m, ONVIF.
SF-SN621S-E1Overview:2.0MP, Manual zoom 2.8mm~12mm, ONVIF. Feature
SF-SN611S-D1Overview:1.4MP, Manual zoom 2.8mm~12mm, ONVIF.
SY-SN61AP-B1Overview:1.3MP, HD 3.6mm/M12, 24pcs φ5 IR Led with IR 20m, ONVIF.
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