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How Much Do You Know About Sony Xarina?
Date:2014.10.22 Hits:1568

Sony's new "Xarina" solution provides a complete high-definition network camera solution. That includes front-end Exmor, Exmor-R (back-illuminated technology) HD CMOS image sensor, and back-end DSP and network coding platform. The "Xarina" solution owns 120dB of wide dynamic range, supports 1.3M / 2M CMOS image sensors, up to 1080p @ 60fps H.264 / MJPEG encoding. Gigabit Ethernet doesn't need PHY, ATR-EX, 2D / 3D, USB, SD card interface, etc. functions.

What Xarina chip solution is characterized by?
November 2013, SONY launched "Xarina" compression chip and "Xarina" network camera solution. "Xarina" chip is not only compatible with SONY's own image sensor, supports the third-party CCD / CMOS. "Xarina" has complete API and SDK, richer interface, flexible compatibility and scalability. Image resolution rate and frame rate maximum support 1920X1080 @ 60fps. Concurrent dual-stream supports H.264 1080P (60 fps) + H.264 D1 (30fps) or H.264 1080P (60 fps) + MJPEG VGA (30 fps). Concurrent four stream supports H.264 1080P (25/30 fps) + H.264 720P (25/30 fps) + H.264 720P (25/30 fps) + H.264 / MJPEG CIF (25/30 fps). In addition to the above advantages, Xarina chips also have intelligent video analysis functions such as face detection, motion detection and other advanced features.

What are the specifications for Xarina chip?
Xarina chip currently used for network cameras mainly have in two specifications, CXD4135GG and CXD4235. Both chips support super wide dynamic CCD or CMOS video input. Wide dynamic can be as high as 120dB, using H.264 compression format, up to 1920X1080@60fps. Stream output can reach up to 4 yards streams that support SD card internal storage and input and output of other external interfaces.

What is the difference between SONY Xarina CXD4135GG and CXD4235?
There are different functions between the two Xarina specifications. CXD4135GG is the separate chip mode package, suitable for manufacturers who own sufficient technical reserves, strong research and development team. CXD4235 is a modular type package. This type is what we usually refer to the network camera core module. CXD4235 embedded DDR 3 memory and other ancillary devices and circuits for image processing, video compression. This simplified design module board with single board makes the R & D of network cameras easier, shorten product cycles, and require relatively lower R & D technology. Xarina CXD4235 module is suitable for those network camera manufacturers who have relatively weak R & D capabilities, weak technical reserves and some abilities to develop.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Xarina CXD4235 module?
When opting Xarina CXD4235 module, manufacturers should make requests in advance and require SONY customize based on product positioning and application of environment. This will be convenient for SONY to get products packaged before Xarina CXD 4235 leave factory. While, the only drawback in this way is its relatively single product features and not flexible product design. There is some limit of scalability and extensibility for product functions, compared with SONY Xarina CXD4135GG's single chip mode.

Safer, who was awarded Sony “Outstanding Customer Award”, keeps great cooperation relationship with Sony for a long time. At the coming 2014 Security China, Safer will exhibit its newly developed camera with Sony Xarina CXD4135 chip.