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Safer won ‘Outstanding Customer Award’ award by SONY Corporation
Date:2013.09.28 Hits:670
The Global CCD supplier SONY Corporation has broke through 100 million pieces total sales volume of CCD chipset since 2000 to June, 2013 in China. Shenzhen Safer Science and Technology Co., Ltd and other surveillance companies are awarded ‘Outstanding Customer Award', the recognition of extraordinary contribution to SONY Corporation.
Since 2002 establishment, Safer has been a closely strategic cooperation relationship with SONY Corporation and gradually becomes one of the biggest analogue CCD manufacturer in China mainland. Especially IR Waterproof camera win universal praise in domestic and it's annual output and sales volume are come out top in CCTV camera field as well. Safer CCD cameras are well selling in 32 provinces in China mainland and 80 countries ,such as America, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, India, Brazil and so on. Safer CCD cameras has been widely used in many kinds of fields, such as government, safety cities and schools, intelligent community, financial field, mines, enterprises, factories, power systems, petroleum industry, industrial operator and all kinds of security areas. 
According to Safer management's introduction, Since Safer established in the year of 2002,the outputs is about 200,000 units per month, accumulative total purchased over 20 million CCD chipset from SONY Corporation. Safer maked a valuable contribution to SONY Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd for selling 100Mli pieces CCD.