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safer passion bloom Pearl of the Orient
Date:2012.10.18 Hits:285

Jointly organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Munich 
International Exhibition Co. , Ltd. , the Hong Kong Electronics Fair from October 13 to 
16 in 2012 ,has been held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre , 
Shenzhen Safer Science and Technology Co., Ltd. , with 
high-quality products and
the state-of-the-art technology in the Pearl of the Orient charm bloom.

Hong Kong Electronics Show in spring and autumn is a professional exhibition of which 
contains electronic components, components and production technology, it has become 
one of the trade fairs in the world's largest integrated electronic products now.

In the EXPO , Safer Science and Technology passing by meticulously preparation.
we selected some of excellent camera which contains millions of high-definition network camera,
the SDI million high-definition camera , SONY Effio- E , Effio -P . Rely on the excellent performance and superior appearance , plus live demonstrations and presentations 
on -site sales and technical engineers , attracting a large number of domestic and foreign businessmen gathered to watch , 
further more,come in to attend consult the discussion . Just  a few exhibitors customer 
have a highly favorable with the safer brand and product quality ,of which SF - CN318FZRW 
network HD cameras and SF-208GP Effio-P camera have been highly praise by customers.