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24 Hours Starlight Color Camera Restore the Real world

Time:2018-01-18 Views:882
Star Light Camera Create 24 Hours Full Color Vision
When darkness no longer loses color,
when night is no longer covered by noise,
do you believe Safer Device will bring an innovation to create a clearer, cleaner, brighter night vision ?
Star light camera can show a clear color image without any auxiliary illuminant in very low light situations, usually refers to the starlight environment, different from ordinary camera can only display a black-and-white image.Starlight camera do not need infrared lights, not need white light, can realize full color clear monitoring at night.
SAFER . rely on own new hardware and software technology to create starlight cameras, the major ways as follow:
1, Advanced image processing technology, the previous camera adopt traditional 2D algorithm to realize the noise reduction function, but safer star light camera is using a new 3D noise reduction technology, dramatically reduce image noise, image turn more clarity, more pure and more smooth.
2, Using F1.2 large aperture lens, the lens is important parts of camera, the greater the diameter of the lens into the light , which is the increase of the lens aperture can effectively improve into light, making the camera to obtain the ideal effect of low intensity of illumination.
3, Adopt starlight SONY IMX291 sensor to allow illumination to reach 0.0008LUX.
4, Install ultra-low dispersion full glass material with case glass to improve the image sharpness and color, multi-layer coating design to promote low illumination optical transmittance.
After a year of development and rigorous testing, SAFER Starlight camera has been launched, and the starlight camera has two advantages:
1, the star light camera can apply in safe city, rivers, forests, roads, railways, airports, scenic area, the streets, railway stations, large venues, village periphery and other places which need large range of high-definition monitor.
2, Starlight cameras are very cost-effective, the price is similar to the regular infrared cameras.
The following are theimage effects of Safer starlight camera at night:
0 Light/0 IR/Starlight ColorCamera
0 Light/0 IR/Common Camera
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